Grievance Redressal/ Internal Complaints Committee /ICC

Internal Complaints Committee ICC

In supersession of the reference 2nd cited the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has been reconstituted in accordance with the statutory requirement and shall consist of the following members.

1.Ms.Hemalath Bhatt - Assistant Professor in Sociology TNNLS, Presiding Officer
2.Mr.Mohamamed Azaad - Assistant Professor in Law TNNLS, Member
3.Ms.Ruchi Sing - Assistant Professor in Law TNNLS, Member
4.Mr.M.G Muthu Bharathy - Assistant Registrar, Member
5.Ms.A.V Sophia - Assistant Section Officer, TNNLS, Member
6.Prof.N. Manimekalai, Dept of Women's Studies, Bharathidasan University External Member

The committee shall report regularly to the Registrar, Tamil Nadu National Law School with respect to the action taken.