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TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme

Tamil Nadu Law University (TNNLU) was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu to provide high quality legal education in the Country. TNNLU is aware that quality legal education needs to be made accessible to students from all sections of the society. The progressive reservation and scholarship policies of the Government of Tamil Nadu has ensured that students from marginalized sections of the society have got admission to TNNLU. But, the cost of education which includes the tuition fee and other user charges is still a barrier for many meritorious students from economically weaker families. With a view to making access to legal education more inclusive, TNNLU has evolved this "TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme"

Scope of the Policy
1) This scheme covers the financial assistance granted by TNNLU alone. Such assistance shall be called "TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme". However, for external scholarships granted by the government or other agencies, the institutional mechanism created by this policy shall act as a facilitator if the applying students so desires.
2) "TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme" shall include full or partial waiver of any kind of fees and charges.
3) This scheme covers all coursers offered by TNNLU and all years of study in the respective courses.
4) "TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme" will be provided to a student either for the entire duration of courses or for a part of such courses.
Student eligible for "TNNLU Financial Assistance Scheme" shall be selected solely on the basis of financial ability of their families. A decision on the application will be taken by the selection committee, constituted from time to time for this purpose.
Quantum of financial assistance
The competent authority of TNNLU shall if necessary, determine the maximum number of students who may be granted financial assistance under this scheme and the maximum financial assistance granted in each academic year, having regard to the financial situation of TNNLU. Within the overall limits set by TNNLU, the selection committee shall decide on the quantum of financial assistance that may be given to each student, having regard to the financial ability of his/her family.
In addition to the scheme funded by the TNNLU, the Government of Tamil Nadu Provides financial assistance to SC/ST and converted christens from Adidravider students belonging to Tamil Nadu and also first generation graduate students belonging to Tamil Nadu.