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The objective of the Internship and Placement Committee (hereinafter referred to as ‘IPC’) is to provide all sort of assistance and support to the students of Tamil Nadu National Law School in internship and placement matters in consonance with the TNNLS Internship Rules, 2016.

Constitution of the Committee:

On 23rd February 2016, the Eighth meeting of Academic Council of the Tamil Nadu National Law School (TNNLS) presided by the Chairmanship of Mr. V. Arun Roy, Vice -Chancellor (i/c) and Registrar, TNNLS resolved to implement the compulsory internship policy in the following manner

I Year - Compulsory, but the student may intern with only NGOs II Year - Compulsory, but choice of internship will be left to the students (Students may intern with governmental agency, private institutions, judges, practicing advocates, law firms, corporate bodies, international institutions or NGOs) III Year - Compulsory trial court / subordinate judiciary IV Year - Compulsory Appellate Court/ Law Firm V Year - Same as II Year The internship must be for a minimum of 30 days, inclusive of intervening holidays. The students must maintain a dairy which will be evaluated and the entire internship from first year onwards will be treated as a clinical course in the final year. In pursuant to the above, Mr. Mahindra Prabu, Assistant Professor of Law, TNNLS was appointed as Faculty-in-charge of the Internship in TNNLS. He assumed office on 29th February, 2016. His first task was to draft a brief internship rules for the TNNLS based on the models of the other NLS/NLUs in the country. Further, he was authorized by the Registrar & Vice-Chancellor (i/c) to issue positive recommendation letter to the interested students of TNNLS who apply for internships in any law firms, corporate office/ advocates, etc.

Faculty In charge: Mr. Mahindra Prabu & Mr. Rahul Hemrajani

Convenor : Mr. Rahul M. Shankar
Internship Coordinator : Aditya Rajasthani

1. Khushboo Saraf (Member) 2. Parvathy R. Anil (Member) 3. Shubhi Sarathe (Member)
4. Tamilarasan (Member) 5. Ananya Khandelwal (Member) 6. Aravind Raj (Member)
7. Ayushi Parashar (Member) 8. Sanjana Adoni (Member) 9. Supriyo Ranjan Mahapatra (Member)
10. Eniya (Member) 11. Sathiabama. (Volunteer) 12. Derlene Joshna (Volunteer)
13. Samhitha Reddy (Volunteer) 14. Vishnu (Volunteer)

In April 2016, after series of discussions with all stakeholders, the draft was submitted before the Vice-Chancellor and the same was approved by his office as “Internship Rules, 2016”. The rules became enforceable from the academic year 2016-2017. The “Internship Rules, 2016” is subject to modification/amendment every academic year with the approval of Vice-Chancellor. The following are the committee members selected by the faculty advisor through interview based on the internship exposure and experiences of the candidates.