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TNNLS is one of the gifted campuses with a vibrant population representing various cultures in our country. The Ethnic Day organised by the Committee every year is a celebration of this diversity through attire, food, music and dance. Intra-university cultural auditions are conducted every semester, enabling the students to represent TNNLS in cultural fests. TNNLS’ annual intra-university cultural fest- INCEPTION is indeed a relishing experience for everyone in the campus and a proud moment for the Committee as well. To further promote the in-house talent pool, weekly Open Sessions are held, which make campus life at TNNLS filled with joy.

Our activities:
Academic year 2015 - 16
1. Cultural auditions among our University students.
2. Ethnic day celebration.
3. Fresher’s day celebration.
4. “Lexception” - Intra university cultural fest.
Academic year 2016 - 17
1. Cultural auditions among our University students.
2. Ethnicday Celebration.
3. “Inception” - Intra university fest.
4. Weekly workshops and jamming sessions.

I. Current activities:
The Cultural Committee in the academic year 2017-18 is organizing the following:
1. “Silambam”- the Tamil martial art demonstration by Manikandan Arumugam Aasaan and team on 10th of August, 2017.
2. Cultural auditions among our university students from 29 - 31 of August 2017.
3. “Silambam”– the Tamil martial art training to our university students from 29 th of August to 13 th of September and performance by the trained students were on 14 th of September.
4. “Silambam”– the Tamil martial art training to our university students from 4thof October to 17thof October 2017.
5. Yaathum Oorae, the ethnic celebration on 11th of October 2017.
6. Inception, the Intra University Cultural Fest on 7 & 8 of November 2017.
7. Trained the University students for Folk dance and Folk Orchestra from 1st of December to 13th of December 2017 and participated in the 33rd Inter University South Zone Youth Festival.
8. Marudham - the Inter University Cultural Fest on 2,3 & 4 of March 2018.
II. Achievements:
1. Reuben Philip bagged 1st place in shipwreck in NUJS’ Annual cultural Fest “Outlawed” in 2014.
2. Abilash, Reuben Philip, Rahul M Shankar, Tanushree and Faheem bagged 3rd place in Adzap in NUJS’ Annual cultural Fest “Outlawed” in 2014.
3. Abilash and Faheem bagged 1st place in Adzap in NUALS’ Annual cultural fest “Naalam” in 2014.
4. Vilakshan and team won 2nd place in Theatre in RMNLU’ Annual cultural fest “Extasia” in 2015.
5. Fashion team won 2nd place in fashion parade in Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Annual cultural fest “Symbhav” in 2016.