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Centre for Labour and Development
The Centre for Labour and Development was launched on Saturday, 21st July, 2018, in the presence of Justice T S Sivagnanam, Additional Advocate General Mr. C. Manishankar, Additional Advoctae General AravindhPandian, the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr Kamala Shankaran, faculty members and students at TNNLU.
The Centre is intended to promote inter-disciplinary research in various aspects of labour law, and theories of law and development. The Centre aims to conceptualize contemporary issues in labour law in terms of the interactions between law and social and economic development, including the study of development policies and programs, and the evolution of labour law within this context.
At the launch, it was emphasized that the research at the Centre would not be limited by the traditional linkages between labour law and industrial work, but would also examine the expansion of the definitions of work and the employment relationship. While speaking at the launch, Justice T S Sivagnanam also stressed on the need for interdisciplinary research in this field with special reference to migrant workers, given the contemporary issues both in India and internationally on this issue.
Currently, the Centre has undertaken a CWDS (Centre for Women’s Development Studies) project on women's labour migration and another study on the transition between formality and informality in work, supported by the ILO.
Going forward, the Centre hopes to promote independent research on labour and employment law, focusing on important and contemporary issues such as expanding and developing labour regulations in the formal and informal sector, emerging sectors of employment, intersections between labour/employment relations and caste, gender and ethnicity, occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination laws, trade unions/alternative modes of labour organization, and welfare laws.
Centre for Labour and Development: